Bit Brigade from The Legend of Zelda V2 - Overworld

Cinemechanica from LP/2 - Hang Up The Spurs

Bit Brigade from Mega Man II V2 - Flash in the Dark

Bit Brigade from Metroid - Ridley / Draygon Boss Theme

Bit Brigade from The Legend of Zelda - Overworld

Bit Brigade from Ninja Band - Evading the Enemy

Manray from Tournament - Gordon Lamborghini

The Bronzed Chorus from Gleaning - walletkeys/phonesmokes

Bit Brigade from Castlebandia - Vampire Killer

So Many Dynamos from The Loud Wars - Glaciers

Antarctic from S/T - Pasea la Salamandria

Metroid Vinyl
12" | SIR 036
Bit Brigade's Metroid Vinyl is here!
Pressed on transparent kelly green w/ red splatter.

Zelda V2
12" & CD | SIR 034 / 035
Similar to Mega Man V2, Bit Brigade did a full re-work of their Zelda album before pressing it to Gold Vinyl and to CD. This recording is about as close to perfect as it gets.

CD | SIR 033
Cinemechanica's long awaited follow-up to The Martial Arts. Mixed by Kurt Ballou (GodCity/Converge) and engineered by Kevin Ratterman (La La Land).


New news!?!?

In very big news, we are currently in the mixing stages of a reworking of Cinemechanica's The Martial Arts vinyl!! Copies of the vinyl will be available on their November tour. Check for the tour dates!! We'll also have copies available once they return from tour.

We're super excited about the new Bit Brigade's new Mega Man and Zelda releases but are even more excited about what they have in the works. They have 2 more albums that are almost complete. Looking for a late 2017, early 2018 release for those.

Hello Sir Records is still very alive, we're just focused on a couple main projects at the moment, Cinemechanica & Bit Brigade, as well as running the Caledonia Lounge (music venue) in Athens, GA.

The Bronzed Chorus are alive and well. They're currently working with DoublePlusGood records out of Portland, OR for their new releases.
Antarctic is planning on recording a new record. We've also seen a little We Versus the Shark activity as of late... we shall see.

CD | SIR 030

Buy $10

LP | SIR 022

Buy $12

CD | SIR 025

Buy $8