Bit Brigade from Mega Man II V2 - Flash in the Dark

Bit Brigade from Metroid - Ridley / Draygon Boss Theme

Bit Brigade from The Legend of Zelda - Overworld

Bit Brigade from Ninja Band - Evading the Enemy

Manray from Tournament - Gordon Lamborghini

The Bronzed Chorus from Gleaning - walletkeys/phonesmokes

Bit Brigade from Castlebandia - Vampire Killer

So Many Dynamos from The Loud Wars - Glaciers

Antarctic from S/T - Pasea la Salamandria

Mega Man II V2
CD | SIR 031
Our newest addition for 2016, Bit Brigade did a complete recording overhaul of their previous Mega Band record. V2 sounds SOOO MUCH BETTER! They also included a couple solid tunes that were added to their live set. We plan to release this on vinyl as well, we're just waiting for Noah McCarthy to put the finishing touches on a piece of art that will be the front art of the LP.

CD LP | SIR 022
Word of on the street is that Antarctic is working on a new record. That's why we decided to put their excellent self-titled release back in the featured section. I sure hope they get the record done soon! Hopefully, it will see a Hello Sir release.

I'm the Spring
CD LP | SIR 021
The Bronzed Chorus has actually finished recording their newest record! Release date is TBD! Just wanted to feature their excellent I'm the Spring record once again. Still amazed by how much these guys can pull off with just 2 members.


New news!?!?

The long-awaited second full length from Cinemechanica is 100% recorded and ready to be released. Tracked by Kevin Ratterman (My Morning Jacket/Young Widows), mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge). The record will be released in April of this year on Arrowhawk Records!!

Bit Brigade, in it's effort to put out a new record per year, has re-tracked/mixed/mastered their Mega Man album! They've come a long way with regards to quality since the Mega Band record and feel that if any soundtrack deserves to sound the best it can, it is the Mega Man soundtrack! This album is 100% completed and available on CD and Digitally. A vinyl release is also in the works!

The Bronzed Chorus have finished up their new full-length. It is incredible. This record will most likely find a home other than Hello Sir, but you never know!! Release date is TBD.

Still hearing that a new Antarctic record is going to happen, but I have no further details. Oh, and there are rumors of another one of our old favorite bands reforming to put out a new record. We'll post it here once they're ready to reveal it.

That's it for now. Check out Bit Brigade's Mega Man II V2, Metroid, and Zelda records if you haven't. They crush!

CD | SIR 030

Buy $10

The Legend of Zelda
CD | SIR 029

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CD | SIR 025

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